Homicide Detectives
The Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit of the Norfolk District Attorney's Office is currently staffed with approximately 20 State Police Officers. State Police Officers from this unit respond and investigate unattended deaths in the Norfolk District and act as the designated investigative representative of the Norfolk District Attorney. They also work hand-in-hand with local police detectives on all homicides as well as many other types of cases including specialized assistance in computer forensics investigation, sexual assault investigation and complex white collar crime investigation.

Narcotic Detectives

One Sergeant and four troopers work almost exclusively in the area of narcotics and organized crime investigations. They work collaboratively with municipal police departments at the local level and often with Federal law enforcement on regional distribution networks.

Computer Forensic Detectives
Digital Evidence Analysis Lab

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office has maintained a Digital Evidence Analysis Lab since 2001. The lab is overseen by Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the office and also employs a civilian Digital Forensics Examiner.  The lab accepts and processes digital evidence, such as computers and cellular phones from Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies.  The lab processes evidence seized in a variety of types of crimes, including homicide, sexual assault, narcotic violations, and financial crime.  Additionally, specially trained detectives assigned to the office assist outside law enforcement agencies in the investigation of cyber crimes, such as those involving the exploitation of children over the Internet.

Sexual Assault Detectives
The Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Sexual Assault Unit are responsible for investigating sexual assault and abuse cases that occur within Norfolk County.  The unit consists of sexual assault detectives who are specially trained in the collection of evidence and the interviewing of adults and children who are victims of abuse.  The unit frequently works in collaboration with the Norfolk Advocates for Children www.norfolkadvocatesforchildren.com when dealing with cases involving the sexual abuse of children.  Additionally, the unit routinely works in conjunction with, and supports, other law enforcement agencies in Norfolk County, participating in joint investigations of cases involving both adult and child victims of sexual assault, as well as domestic assault and child physical abuse cases. 

White Collar Crime Detectives
The White Collar Crime Unit investigates cases of larceny and related crimes.  One sergeant, one trooper and a forensic accountant work together with local departments to solve those crimes that may result in financial devastation for individuals, families and/or businesses.

The State Police duty officer can be reached at the Norfolk District Attorney's Office at (781) 830-4800 (ext. 215) during normal business hours, or at any other time by calling the Massachusetts State Police Headquarters at 508-820-2121.

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