No crime affects a family more than the murder of a relative or  friend.  Experience Troopers of the Massachusetts State Police are assigned to the Norfolk District Attorney's Office to investigate any suspicious or violent deaths within the county.  From the onset, state police detectives work closely with local police officers and detectives to investigate every homicide.

By statute, the District Attorney or his law enforcement representative, shall direct and control the investigation of the death and shall coordinate the investigation with the medical examiner and the police department within the jurisdiction where the death occurred.

Experienced homicide prosecutors work as a team with the state and local police to build successful prosecutions.  Working with the prosecution team, victim witness advocates are trained to assist families during every aspect of this difficult time, including necessary referrals, victim of violent crime compensation paperwork and in each step of the court process from arraignment to the trial.

A Brief Overview of Masachussetts Homicide Law

Massachusetts law defines homicide as the unlawful killing of a human being.  Criminal homicide falls under different categories:  murder and manslaughter.  The determination of the charge is dependent on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Classifications of Murder Punishment
First Degree Murder Life without parole
Second Degree Murder Life, parole eligibility after fifteen years
Classifications of Manslaughter Punishment
Voluntary Manslaughter State Prison up to 20 years
Involuntary Manslaughter State Prison up to 20 years