Train-the Trainer Workshop
The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office co-sponsors cost-effective
train-the-trainer workshops with the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) at Bridgewater State University to help school administrators, faculty and staff respond to alleged incidents
of bullying and cyber-bullying, while encouraging positive learning environments within their schools.  Regional trainings are offered
each fall.

School Training
The Norfolk D.A.’s Office also brings educational presentations about bullying and cyber-bullying to local communities to help students and families make more informed decisions.  Presenters explain how commonplace situations may have legal implications, the potential consequences of certain types of conduct, and the importance of sound decision making before, during and after problems arise. 

Presentations address recent revisions to state law, the nature of bullying behavior and the various motivations behind it, the potential misuse of personal technology, and the increasingly important role of the bystander.  Age-appropriate presentations are offered to elementary, middle and high school grade levels. 

For more information, or to schedule a presentation, please call (781) 830-4800 x218.

For more information please contact:

Jennifer Rowe (ADA)
Director, Crime Prevention Unit
Norfolk District Attorney’s Office Phone: 781.830.4918
Fax: 781.830.4801